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Weddings & LARGE special events 

We specialize in gourmet wedding cakes, dessert bars and artisan appetizers for your very special events. The best way to experience our food is to come share some with us!

We would love to bake you a 4in. version of your favorite cake to taste and enjoy.  We will go over the entire process start to finish during our wedding/special event consultation. 

..Tuesday~Friday .. 10am-3pm ..

We charge a $25.00 consultation fee at the time of booking your appointment.  If you book your event with us and your order is over $500, your tasting fee will be applied towards cost of your wedding order.

Tasting fee:   $25  |  $15 for a second cake 

Custom Pricing for Desert Bars 

We should schedule your tasting 6 months to 90 days before your wedding date/special event date to insure availability and tastes align.

Please fill out the form below to schedule a special tasting with Shannon, our bakery will return all submitted tastings within 48 hours of submission.

 Thank you for considering Marie Shannon's for your special event. 

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Please note that this form is for scheduling a consultation and is not for ordering a cake. Please head to our Cake Order tab in order to order any cake or dessert.