..Holidays are around the corner! Let's cook!..

We have been in kitchen gearing up for the holiday season and we wanted to share with you a little tie bit of help in caramelizing your onions this year!  My favorite savory item is our caramelized onion & goat cheese tart, it never fails to satisfy the most discerning palettes.  I want to help everyone get those onions sweet, soft and golden!

Step 1: Cut puff Pastry in a circle / press with your thumb directly in the center

Step 2: Add a dab of your organic sour cream

Step 3: Place dough into the refrigerator

Step 4: Cut onion in 1/2 then thinly slice into strips about as wide as a straw (1/4 in.) and it's as long as the onion is! :)

Step 5: Heat your pan / add your olive oil when it is hot 

Step 6: Test one onion strip and if it sizzles the pan is ready! 

Step 7: Add the onions and stir and or toss with the oil 

Step 8: Cook (no touching them) until soft approx. 7-9 minutes on Medium Heat 

Step 9: When the onions are soft with a slight shade of brown near the bottom of the pan you can deglaze with 2 tablespoons of white wine

Step 10: Stir until coated golden brown and soft! :)

Step 11: Pull pastries from fridge and place pan on counter 

Step 12: Fork the onions onto the puff pastry approx. silver dollar size (depending on how big your pastry was cut and how much you like onions!)

Step 13: Add 2-3 smaller chunks of goat cheese to garnish

Step 14: Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes and/or completely golden on bottom of pastry

Step 15: Pull and cool for 3-5 minutes until edible

Step 16: Enjoy! 


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