Menu of Cakes and Confections

From wedding cakes of all varieties to fine french pastries and small confections for events, I work with my clients to make just the right thing, always delicious. Organic, all natural ingredients does not mean this is health food! Below are some sample items.

You can read "Cake Wizard" to get started with some ideas...

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"The fine arts are five in number, namely: painting, sculpture, poetry, music, and architecture, the principal branch of the latter being pastry." -- Marie-Antoine Carême, 1783-1833

Cake Wizard

Start with: Vanilla, citrus butter cake, chocolate devils food, carrot, red velvet, banana, orange spice cake, cheese cake, flourless chocolate sponge cake,
Fillings to add:Cream cheese, chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, peanut butter mousse, ganache, bavarian cream, creme citron, fruit preserves, flavored syrups
Cover the cake:Butter cream (almost any flavor), Ganache, Cream cheese, Fondant (only on top of buttercream)

Pies, Crisps, and cobblers of seasonal fruits are available.

Small Gourmet Treats

  • Eclairs
  • Napoleons
  • Mini tarts and pies
  • Mini muffins
  • Dipped berries
  • Mini cheese cakes
  • Mini cookies
  • Custom mini sized cakes are available


Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin or cranberry, ginger chewies, peanut butter, sugar shapes, chocolate espresso, pistachio biscotti, mexican wedding cookies...

Bar cookies

Lemon bars, raspberry oat bars, pumpkin cheesecake bars, brownies, blondies, pecan caramel bars, toscas...


Lemon meringue, linzer, fresh fuit with lemon or vanilla cream, pecan caramel tart with ganache and white chocolate, coconut cream, key lime, caramelized apple, blueberry tart....

Specialty cakes

Flourless chocolate layer cake: thin layers of flourless chocolate sponge cake ganache and chocolate mousse decorated with gold leaf or garnish of your choice
Tira Misu: delicate lady finger sponge cake soaked with espresso syrup and lavered with mascapone mousse garnished with chocolate dipped biscotti.

Bete noir:the ultimate in decadence. Chocolate, espresso,eggs, sugar, and butter baked into fudgy ecstacy covered in silky ganache.
White chocolate grand marnier:orange zest butter cake soaked with grand marnier layered with white chocolate mousse coated in chantilly cream and soft petals of white chocolate.
 Trifle-chambord soaked genoise:raspberry puree, honey marinated berries layered with with pastry cream and topped with whipped cream.

Vegan Cakes and Confections Too!